ThomilMagic Accessories and Dispensers

ThomilMagic Accessories and Dispensers

Dispensers from the ThomilMagic range are robust, highly adjustable, incredibly accurate and require no electricity or water connection. The system dispenses 20ml. of each product and the user mixes it with water in situ or where needed. These dispensers never break down, so they are reliable, cost effective and maintenance free. Bottles and sprayers that guarantee at least 100 refillings can also be ordered as accessories.

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ThomilMagic SMP Dispenser

Concentrated dosing system for all SMP ThomilMagic product range

ThomilMagic Trigger Sprayer

Canyon atomized trigger sprayer

ThomilMatic Spray Bottle for dilution

Spray bottle for dilution 630 ml.

ThomilMagic Bottle for dilution

750 ml. bottle for dilution

ThomilMagic Bottle Dispenser

Bottle dispenser for chemical concentrates

ThomilMagic Sink Dispenser

Sink dispenser for chemical concentrates