ThomilMagic DRY

ThomilMagic DRY

Thomil Professional’s ThomilMagic system is something really innovative and different. It saves a lot of space, saves a lot of money and is much more environmentally friendly than other products. Moreover, we have achieved that, with the same dose of 20ml, customers can prepare, in all cases, their cleaning products ready for use. With different and nice scents and light colors enough to differentiate the different dilutions. A complete system for hotels and collectivities.

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ThomilMagic Nº1

Multipurpose - glass cleaner

ThomilMagic Nº3

Neutral disinfectant

ThomilMagic Nº4

Neutral floor cleaner

ThomilMagic Nº5

Bathroom cleaner

ThomilMagic Nº6

Washing up liquid

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