ThomilMagic DOSE

ThomilMagic DOSE

ThomilMagic Dose is a new concentrated cleaning system in a self-dosing bottle. No external dosing equipment or handling required. This innovative system is very safe and practical. By overturning the bottle, the dispenser tank in the bottle itself is filled and the exact dosage of product, 20ml, is immediately obtained for dilution in the spray bottle. It is that simple. Ready-to-use.

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ThomilMagic DOSE Nº1

Multipurpose Glass Cleaner

ThomilMagic DOSE Nº15

Multipurpose ammonia

ThomilMagic DOSE Nº2

Degreasing Cleaner

ThomilMagic DOSE Nº3

Disinfectant Cleaner

ThomilMagic DOSE Nº4

Neutral Floor Cleaner Marine Fragance

ThomilMagic DOSE Nº44

Neutral Floor Cleaner Apple Fragance

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