ThomilMagic SMP System

ThomilMagic SMP System

ThomilMagic SMP a reliable & profitable new solution for concentrated cleaning chemicals. It prevents unwanted manipulations on the dosing system and undesirable accidents changing the canisters. It guarantees a precise dosage each time, making maintenance of the dispenser practically unnecessary, as there will be new metering tips inside each canister. It also reduces the initial investment needed, by acquiring only one dispenser for every cleaning chemical product available on this range.

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ThomilMagic SMP Nº1

Multipurpose - glass cleaner

ThomilMagic SMP Nº3

Neutral disinfectant

ThomilMagic SMP Nº4

Neutral floor cleaner

ThomilMagic SMP Nº5

Bathroom cleaner

ThomilMagic SMP Nº7

Scented Odour Eliminator

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