Liquid Detergents

Liquid Detergents

The main variable based on success in professional laundry are the surfactants, i.e. detergents. They are responsible for preparing and removing stains from textiles with the highest effectiveness, so that fabrics and tissues are not mistreated. In this way, we will achieve excellent results and satisfied customers. ThomilMatic’s liquid detergents are high quality products and their effectiveness has already been proven by many savvy customers.

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ThomilMatic H-1

Wetting and degreasing compound for dosage

ThomilMatic A-2

Alkaline compound for dosage

ThomilMatic A-MILD

Alkaline textile component for dosage

ThomilMatic N-3

Surfactant complete compound for dosing

ThomilMatic N-MILD

Textile tensoactive component for dosage

Thomilmatic N-33 Powered by novozymes

Neutral enzymatic detergent

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