Neutral Floor Cleaners

Neutral Floor Cleaners

Thomil floor cleaners are really conceived to fulfill their function. With a totally neutral pH, they will not damage the floor’s natural appearance nor deteriorate the protection applied. All of them maintain the brightness level of the floor while eliminating any kind of dirt. They save time since they are foam controlled without the need to rinse and their high bio-alcohol content accelerates the drying of the pavement. The final touch is provided by their quality and capacity of emitting a fragrance of its natural perfumes into the atmosphere.

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Bio Pino

Neutral powerful floor cleaner, pine scent

Bio Neutral Pure

Traceless neutral floor & surface cleaner

Bio Neutral Peach

Neutral floor cleaner, peach scent

Bio Neutral Lilac

Neutral floor cleaner, lilac scent

Bio Neutral Lemon

Neutral floor cleaner, lemon scent

Bio Neutral Laminia

Cleaning and maintenance laminate floors synthetics

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